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What is human design?

Human Design: The individual's journey

When I got my first human design reading, my analyst told me “you are a hermit heretic.” Even before I knew what that meant, I was thrilled (if you can't imagine being thrilled to be called a hermit heretic, it's because you are not one). I felt freed by someone giving me permission to be a hermit, and to be my ridiculously heretical self.

Human design is a system that was brought into the world by Ra Uru Hu in the 80’s. It is a syncretic system of understanding the world---a kind of map with lots of different layers. Systems layered on top of and influencing one another. As a system it is complex and subtle, and in that way it mirrors the complexity of this manifest world.

Before your human design reading, you will receive a chart based on your birth time (in that way, it is like astrology). The chart can be read in lots of different ways, depending on who is reading it for you. It has information about the personality tendencies of a person, how they will intuitively move in the world, what will be easy for them, what will be hard. However, it is not predictive in any way—I cannot tell you whether a certain relationship will work out, or whether a job will be good. What I can do is show you how to experiment as you make that decision—about a relationship or a job--for yourself.

Here is an example of human design analysis from my own chart. I have an “open head and ajna”. What that means is that I can’t hold on to a fixed thought or idea. Whoever is around me, I am thinking their thoughts and taking on their idea of the world. When I found out about that part of my chart, it immediately explained to me why I could never make up my mind about any conflict that I heard about. Whoever spoke to me about their side, that’s who I would agree with. Seeing that helped me give myself permission to do what I was already good at: listen, understand, and explore the issue, rather than pressure myself to have a fixed idea of who was right and who was wrong.

Thankfuly, human design is not a perfect system. No system will have more authority than the Life itself, as it is lived. But it is a better system than the mainstream understanding of ourselves, a mainstream understanding that goes something like this: you are a person, and you need to try really hard to decide what you want, “go for it,” and succeed—or some version of that kind of ridiculousness. Human design points to the individuality of each being, and to the fact that the world, the “Maya” as it is referred to, makes room for all of us, with our amazing uniqueness.

I invite you to have a session, to open up to this vocabulary that can clarify and bring peace to so many questions. Learn whether or not you are “emotional” (see my post on being emotional here), what your strategy is, and where your authority derives from. Enter the experiment.

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