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Human Design Notes for Projectors

A friend and client asked me to write this up, so I am sharing it with all of you. To find out whether you are a projector, go to

21% of the population are projectors. Projectors understand themselves through witnessing the people around them, and more generally by learning about the world around them. They need to have this dialogue with others, with the world, in order to know who they are.

Projectors are:

-good at seeing things that most people can't see.

-good at projects, or doing the thinking, observing, planning or advising. Anything that doesn't involve too much physical labor. Factory-type or physical work, or anything that feels like "work," isn't ideal.

-very sensitive to the person they are with. Choose friends wisely. Being with someone you don't like is like sucking through a straw that is stuck in a glass of poison (that lovely image is courtesy of my teacher, John Martin).

-better one-on-one than in groups.

It's important for projectors to:

-Wait for an INVITATION. Do NOT take initiative, don't "just do it," and don't insert yourself into a situation.

-Be recognized. Understand the feeling of having someone "see" or "appreciate" you, and move in that direction.


-Just because you get an invitation, doesn't mean it's a "yes". Go to your authority* to understand if it's a "yes" or "no."

-Projectors often don't know when "enough is enough." Whatever feels good you tend to just keep doing it. Try to learn to understand cues from other people to know when an activity is done. Train yourself to be "hyper-sensitive" to your own bodily cues.

-Projectors make incredible teachers, leaders, and advisors as long as they wait for an invitation and for recognition.

*authority: you can find this in your chart.

Famous projectors: Jane Goodall, Barack Obama, Barbara Streisand, Nelson Mandela, and so many more...

(Of course these are just words, take what is helpful, discard the rest!)


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