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    Human design is a system that looks at and gives vocabulary for energy, that is, the different kinds of energy that each person enters the world with. What does energy mean? To me, it means giving language to that which is unseen, to that which is felt. It means naming things like comfort, ease, excitement, trepidation, insecurity, and attraction.


    Human design has been called the "science (or art) of differentiation"--because it sees each person as unique in terms of what energies they consistently have access to, and which energies they don't. I see human design as giving you a few hypotheses that can help you experiment with your own life.

    Following one's strategy and authority is a process that calls forth each person's awareness. It is understood as a cellular process that works in seven-year cycles.

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    Vanessa Grajwer Boettiger ​

    Human Design Guide

    Vanessa Grajwer Boettiger

    "Over the years I have been drawn to different modalities that have brought me greater freedom in my daily life. The language and perspective of human design has had enormous impact on me. I love to connect to the unique life inherent in each person's reading. For me there is no greater joy than living closely aligned with the truth of one's Being. That is what I hope to offer to clients through these human design and energy sessions." -VGB


    Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Vanessa’s family moved to the US when she was 9. Vanessa graduated from Yale University with majors in anthropology and economics. As a young woman wanting to understand her Jewish roots, she studied for five years at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College of Pennsylvania, receiving her rabbinic ordination in 2008. Vanessa is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and is able to provide a Human Design reading in any of these languages. Vanessa resides in Ashland, Oregon with her partner and their daughter.

  • Charts and Sessions

    The chart is a map for you to use in your journey. I will never tell you what to do, but I can give you tools to expand your awareness and ease your decision making.

    If you are interested in human design but not sure you want to invest in a session, you are invited to be in touch.

    I can tell you more about the modality and give you a free 15-minute consultation.

    Human Design Chart

    Personal Chart Reading

    Opening the door to yourself​...

    Simply receiving the information about your unique design can grant you enormous relief from the tribulations of the egoic mind.


    An initial reading will introduce you to the language of human design. This is the beginning of your experiment. You will leave the reading with the two most important pieces of information about your design: your strategy and your authority. Regardless, please remember that YOU are the ultimate authority to determine what resonates with you and what doesn’t.


    Your Human Design chart is based on the date, time, and location of your birth. A chart reading will begin to describe what energies easily come across through your very being, that is, without any effort. Are you someone who needs a longer time and process to make a decision? Are you a networker? Are you conscious of your emotional wave, or are you taking in the emotions of other people around you? Are you primarily designed to do physical work in the world? Are you meant to be an observer who gives counsel when asked?


    Each session will give you much more information than can be digested in one sitting. A recording of your reading will allow you to listen to it again and again, for deeper understanding.


    1 hour.

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    Conversations about your design

    Resting in the True Self - Support and empowerment

    I offer conversations that are supportive for my clients wherever they are. We can have one session, or one session weekly for as long as you need. Regardless, my goal is to empower you to see your life clearly, to make your own decisions from a sense of clarity, and to help you connect with the natural joy of being you.


    If you'd like, we can use your human design strategy and authority is a way to empower you, a path to more peace, more relaxation, and more acceptance of who you are for now. If not, we can work with listening, "The Work" of Byron Katie, contemplation, and other tools to help you reach a new place of clarity and presence.


    You can peacefully abide in and move from a place of truth--a place that was yours all along.


    In our sessions, I will listen and learn from you. I will bring my combination of meditation practice, rabbinic training, energy work, and human design wisdom, to help us understand what is happening for you. I have a natural desire to correct stuff so that you can move toward your own sense of joyful living, whatever that means for you. Human design is all about you finding your own answers, your own direction, your own wisdom.


    Your session can be in person in my Ashland work location, or over the phone.


    1 hour.

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    Human design for children

    Parenting each child according to who they are.

    Ra Uru Hu, the founder of human design, used to say, "human design is for the children." Ra understood that children are "conditioned," that is, taught to be what society expects them to be, instead of who they naturally are. Parents and caretakers are in the unique role of helping children trust who they are, while at the same time guiding them according to the caretaker's wisdom.


    In fifty minutes, you will learn about your child's design. Often, this gives parents much guidance, good ideas, and acceptance. Finding out about your child's strategy, authority, and emotional definition can help focus, or support, what you already know about your child.
    As an experiment, human design can give you more structure from which to move as a parent, tapping into and deepening your OWN wisdom along the way.


    Sessions are by phone or in person with parent/guardian, for 50 min.

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  • Testimonials

    Cynthia Sophia

    "Vanessa’s desire for awareness has led her toward her own freedom. This feeling of resting in her authentic frequency is the medicine that she carries, as a teacher and mentor. Her graceful presence, the clarity of her wisdom, and her sensitivity seem to come naturally through her."

    Miriam Jacobs

    "So much of what you said resonated and has given me much to think about! I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your ability to describe my design without judgment. What could have easily been cast as weaknesses, were instead described as differences or uniqueness, which put me at ease. Because I never felt defensive, I was able to really listen to what you were saying."

    Debra Murphy

    "My session with Vanessa was extraordinary and illuminating. Several insights came forward in her reading that, though unexpected, seem almost obvious in hindsight, but I wouldn't have become aware of them on my own. It has altogether proven very helpful in increasing my self-awareness and my ability to make informed personal decisions."

    Cara E.

    The applications have had a powerful impact on me in my professional work as a psychologist, and even more it has positively impacted me in my personal work with myself. Vanessa truly has a gift, a way of articulating herself, and an incredible talent for connecting with people in a meaningful way that has invaluable positive ripples into the world. I could not recommend her, and Design of the Self, more highly!

    Mary Wallis

    The readings were nothing short of awe-inspiring in their nuanced accuracy—a veritable blueprint of our unique deep-seated inclinations and aversions. My personal design provided insight into the hows and whys of the paths I've chosen and affirmed a plethora of gut-based decisions I'd questioned in the past. As a parent, I feel my son's design provided me with invaluable tools to help guide him as he grows.

    I highly recommend a Human Design session with Vanessa. This amazing system, delivered with her empathy, insight and intuition, is a wonderful gift for one's self.

    Sascha Meier

    I am experiencing the lasting benefits of insights and awareness that came from my human design session with Vanessa. She revealed details about my design that gave an opening for the capacity of clear-seeing and an understanding of emotions, their root and relation to identity. I received a golden perspective on how my particular design expresses in the world. It was a source of realization, a new way of understanding the mystery of the self. My time with her was very comfortable, constructive, and grounded in wisdom. I feel blessed to have access to Vanessa's work.

    Frederick Backman

    "I want to express my deepest admiration for the work and counsel that Vanessa provides. Her deep understanding and thoughtful knowledge of Human Design has made me better understand my own resonance, and place and purpose in the world."

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  • Devoted to sharing human design...


    If you are interested in human design but not sure you want to invest in a session, feel free to be in touch. I can tell you more about the modality and give you a free 15-minute consultation. I am happy to offer discounted sessions to those who are not able to afford full price, as well as different payment options. It is important to me that whoever wants this knowledge can access it.


    Vanessa on Human Design...

    “In the past several years, learning about my human design has helped me integrate so much of what I had previously discovered in meditation, psychotherapy, and energy work. It is from this place that I offer chart readings and energy work. I take joy in helping to correct the misunderstandings and assumptions that we live by, so that we can experience more of the “Self,” the natural, authentic, relaxed Self that each of us is.


    Human design is a tool to guide each person from restless and conditioned mind-patterns toward self-understanding and self-acceptance. We each have these beautiful, unique natures. I love being sensitive to each person with whom I interact, and to help them experience the beauty in the truth of their own human design.”



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